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President of the Management Board

Mieczysław Rzepka
Tel.: 41 386-19-33

The founder of R&M Alufasada was born in 1950 and received education in the area of construction in 1975. In the 1980s he was a site manager in KBK Tarnów. Since the half of the 1980s he managed export contracts for KBK Tarnów in Germany. Experience gained during these years allowed him to establish in 1989 his own company R&M Konstrukcje Metalowe i Towarzyszące (Steel Structures and Auxiliary Structures) which in 2007 has been transformed into R&M Alufasady Sp. z o.o. In Germany he acquired experience at completion of facades in many prestigious buildings. In R&M Alufasady, apart from tasks of the management board, he is responsible for key contracts and supervision of quality control.

Meet our team

The fact that most of our employees graduated from the Kielce University of Technology from Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Production Engineering excellently fits the scope of our activity. Our personnel regularly improve their qualifications through frequent trainings held by suppliers of aluminium systems manufactured by us.


Wojciech Rzepka, MA
GSM: +48 600-646-898

Manager of Sales

Monika Malicka, Eng MA
GSM: +48 530-755-304

Sales Department

Izabela Kot
GSM: +48 502-498-661

Production Manager

Rafał Szymkiewicz, Eng
GSM: +48 502-498-734

Project Manager

Piotr Wierzchowski, Eng MA
GSM: +48 664-474-553


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