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Aluminium facades

We have the most complete and versatile technology, covering all the stages of manufacturing various types of aluminium-glass facades, from the simplest ones – mullion and transom, through more complex ones – structural, to intelligent dual ones and facades fixed on ropes and cords.

We use technologies of Europe’s leading aluminium system manufacturers, such as SCHUCO, ALIPLAST and PONZIO. As a part of our partners’ technology it is possible to use a range of solutions to improve the parameters of the manufactured elements so as to meet the most sophisticated needs of our customers. We are able to quickly make a valuation and a project of our systems, realize them in our factory and efficiently install them on any facility.

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Aluminium metalwork

We offer systems of filling window and door openings, internal walls and skylights in any form, from the simplest to the most complicated ones (including pyramids orpolygonal and multifaceted domes).

These systems have excellent thermal insulation properties, they are resistant to different weather conditions and can make fire and smoke walls. We offer a wide range of widths and a diversity of profiles, which allows us to tailor our offer to the requirements of each client. All of our products are available in RAL colours, several special colours and wood-like colours.

These features make our products perfect in terms of quality and aesthetics. Our products can be fitted with various window and door automation systems. In our offer there are drives for hinged doors, sliding doors, telescopic and carousel doors. By partnering with reputable companies we provide the highest level of technical solutions; the drives offered by us are ideal for use in anti-panic and escape doors applicable for fire protection.

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Fire doors

We are a manufacturer of EI60 and EI30 doors and fire walls with aluminium profiles PONZIO NT 78EI. These elements are designed to reduce the spread of fire and smoke in buildings. The system of fire doors and walls is designed to perform internal and external fire partitions in fire resistance class form EI15 to EI60, with single (maximum dimensions of the wing: 2400/1400) and double (2400/2400) doors.

The Ponzio NT 78EI system has a very low coefficient of heat transfer – by using special profiled 35 mm wide thermal breaks and seals. Elements of fire doors allow to evacuate people in danger from a burning building and enable and facilitate the actions of rescuers. Fire wall and door systems meet the requirements (ITB TECHNICAL APPROVAL AT-15-7540/2008) provided for fire resistance classes EI 15, EI 30, EI 60. These marks describe the ability to hold the pressure of flames and hot gases specified in minutes.

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