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Exclusive windows

We specialize in manufacturing high quality aluminium windows with the top lines of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminium profiles. Apart from their highest aesthetic and functional values exclusive windows also achieve the best possible heat transfer coefficients and excellent acoustic insulation. We achieve very high thermal and sound insulation performance due to the use of wide (from 75 mm) profiles with excellent thermal breaks and dual-chamber, three-paned glass with coefficients U=0.5 and even U=0,4.

Due to their durability EXCLUSIVE windows provide numerous interior design possibilities. We can make large-size sliding doors up to the height of three meters and fixed glazings of nearly infinite length and width. We use fittings that allow the use of very large wings – up to 500 kg.

Due to the possibility of lacquering, the EXCLUSIVE windows can be used in both modern architecture homes, where RAL and structural colours match perfectly, and classic homes because of the possibility of using wood colour lacquer, or even in old historic buildings and houses where colours imitating old metals blend well.

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VIP class windows

Apart from the features of exclusive windows, VIP class windows have smart home window functions. VIP class widows have a number of features that make life easier in a modern intelligent e-home and cooperate with other domestic installations to save time and money. VIP class windows can close automatically when you turn on the air conditioning in a room, open when there is too much smoke in a room form a fireplace or close a window segment if the temperature drops below the set temperature. A VIP class window opens and closes automatically, enabling to close all windows throughout the house with one movement. VIP class windows work with alarm and blinds systems and can work on-line, which allows you to close and open a window being away from home (e.g. when you are away from home and hear about an impending storm). We also have a technology to automatically control lift-sliding doors (terrace) up to 500 kg.

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Exotic wood cladding

Due to its characteristics and charm wood, as a building and finishing material, has always been popular. It is natural, aesthetic and, when appropriately selected and treated, also extremely durable. Natural origin creates opportunities for endless combinations of wood species and finishes. Wooden claddings have long been used in modern construction around the world because of their health and aesthetic values and also the comfort of the environment. We strive to provide our customers with a modern, constantly evolving offer, so we also offer exotic wood, which is gradually gaining a wider circle of supporters.

We offer wooden cladding of selected European, American and African species of wood, such as light, free from defects, with insulating properties – Canadian cedar, strong, brown-honey-red – Siberian larch, having a nice texture and high durability – Scandinavian spruce, weather- fungi- and insect proof, yellow-brown – Tatajuba, natural, stained in thousands of colors – Okoume.

Our designers will help you select and design the cladding from the listed species of wood in order to give buildings a sophisticated and unique character.

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