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Installation teams

Installation teams

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We would like to offer our cooperation in the scope of subcontracting of aluminium joinery installation. Our company has been specializing in the installation of aluminium facades and joinery since 1989. We can put at your disposal the installation teams consisting of 4 to 12 independent installation workers. If you take advantage of our installation teams, you can significantly reduce the costs related to the operation of your company since the company will not have to incur any social costs in connection with the workers hired to perform a given order and in the periods between contract executions.

Each installation team will be managed by an English or German speaking leader. Our installation workers are qualified and they specialize in various aluminium facade systems such as Schuco, Raynaers Sapa, Metra, Ponzio, Metalplast and many other. Our employees know and work in accordance with the Western rules of work organization and the European quality standards. They are recognized experts and the results of their work can be admired in such countries as Germany, Belgium, Kazakhstan and Norway.

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